The Capabilities to Succeed

From our in-house production to coordinating trusted suppliers,
we optimize your value chain for success

We provide both manufacturing execution and value chain services.

That means that we can optimize design, then manufacture and assemble medical products to your exacting standards and specification. Depending on your needs, we also streamline your business through the application of Value Chain optimization, sourcing and managing materials and consolidating suppliers.

Our combination of quality, planning, experience and capabilities ensure exceptional results for our customers.

We manufacture success.

Product Manufacturing and Assembly

Manufacturing Capabilities

Sterling provides its customers with a wide array of manufacturing capabilities and processes in a variety of materials and formats.

Our clients commonly rely on us for:

  • Complex CNC machining (milling, turning)
  • Injection molding
  • Forming
  • Casting
  • Heat treating
  • Coating and Finishing (anodization, chrome plating, powder coating, bead blasting, polishing etc.)

However, we have an even wider array of manufacturing capabilities, which can be explored in our matrix tables below.


Sterling has a wide variety of capabilities to meet all of your needs. We will source or manufacture the components, assemble and test the final assembly. Our quality systems and SOP’s ensure that the assembly is produced consistently to your specifications every time so that you can be confident in any dock-to-stock or dock-to-assembly line situation.

Value Chain Expertise

Our Quality Systems, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and detailed work instructions ensure that all of our operations support a final product or component that is produced to your specifications every time. We have consistent execution whether it’s design, manufacturing, assembly or quality inspections. Sterling is ISO 13485 registered and 21 CFR part 820 compliant.

Our capabilities include:

  • Working with multiple customer departments (Executive, Purchasing, Engineering, Quality and Operations) to consolidate numerous raw materials and items.
  • Sourcing and procuring raw materials from a variety of suppliers.
  • Working with customers to complete First Article process for a variety of items.
  • Strong project management skills to ensure that the consolidation is executed smoothly with little or no disruption to ongoing operations.

Explore Our Capabilities

● core competency    ○ secondary capability or outsourced

Finished Goods Assembly
Finished Goods Testing
Sub Assembly
Sub Assembly Testing
Machining - CNC Turning
Machining - Manual Turning 
Machining - CNC - Milling
Machining - Manual Milling 
Wire Brush Debur - Automatic 
Deburring - Tumble - Large
Bead Blasting
Electro Polish 
Centerless Grinding 
Heat Treating 
Chrome Plating
Black Zinc Coating 
Galvanized Coating 
Powder Coating 
Plastic / Vinyl Coating  
Heat Treatment
Welding - TIG - Manual 
Welding - MIG
Welding - TIG - Robotic 
Brazing - Robotic 
Screw machined parts 
Metal Fabrication 
Laser Cutting 
Cut to Length - High Speed, Volume, Tight Tolerance 
Supplier Consolidation
Material Certification Testing
Incoming Material Inspection / Certification
CMM Measurement
Logistics Optimization
Distribution Services
Pick / Pack / Ship Operations
CTPAT Compliant 
Labels - Custom
ESD Assembly (Electro Static Discharge) 
PCB Testing

● core competency    ○ secondary capability or outsourced

Multiple Facilities
Supplier Controls
Supplier Audits
Preventive Maintenance
Dimensional Metrology
Material Destructive Testing 
Design Control
ERP Systems
Quality Management Software
Live SPC Reporting
Design Capabilities
Fixture Building
Product Realization
Process Validation
Equipment Validation
Device Recall and Advisory Notice
13485 Internal and Lead Auditors
Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel - MILL Network
Facility Space/ Growth Capacity
Supply Chain Management

○ Cost-effective sourcing

Carbon Steel Tube
Carbon Steel Solid
Aluminum Tube
Aluminum Solid
Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum Castings
Stainless Steel Tube
Stainless Steel Solid
Stainless Steel Castings 
Zinc Castings 
PVC Pipe
30% G/F Zytel 
GP Polypropylene 
30% GF / Talc Filled Zytel 
Neoprene Foam 
Electrical Wiring 
PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
Carboxylated Nytrile