Working With Sterling

Expect excellence.
We'll deliver.

We've learned that to deliver excellence, we have to partner with our with clients. Our success — like theirs — means understanding today’s stringent regulatory environment and the strict quality requirements their customers demand.

From young companies to Fortune 100 medical OEMs, our clients are increasingly looking to outsource value-added services and component manufacturing in order to focus on their core competencies (i.e. product development, final product assembly and business growth) and increase return on capital.

Sterling manufactures success through unique and innovative solutions. Whether you are looking for contract manufacturing, assistance in design or a combination of services to help you streamline your supply chain, decrease cost and complexity, or raise quality and repeatability, Sterling has the know-how to make it happen.

Service Excellence

100% On Time, 100% Complete, 100% Quality

Our commitment to service means you'll receive your orders on time, complete and with the quality you expect. We achieve this through a smart combination of people, process and technology, tracking our results so that we can ensure the desired outcome.


Sterling’s quality management team of engineers and inspectors are involved throughout the manufacturing life-cycle with all of our production orders. They ensure that the components that we produce are to specification every time. Additionally, our production staff contribute directly to our service excellence with in-process inspections, using detailed work instructions and key performance indicators that monitor and deliver consistent, excellent results.


Our Design Transfer Process, Quality Systems, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and detailed work instructions ensure that all of our operations support a final product or component that is produced to your specifications every time. We have consistent execution whether it’s design, manufacturing, assembly or quality inspections. Sterling is ISO 13485 registered and 21 CFR part 820 compliant.


Sterling employs a fully integrated ERP / MRP / Sales Order Processing / Accounting system that manages all facets of production from raw material procurement to the shipment of finished goods. It works seamlessly with the accounting and distribution modules allowing Sterling to provide exceptional customer service.

In the design and manufacturing processes we utilize coordinate measuring machine (CMM), 3D modelling and advanced CAD/CAM to model, optimize and execute production.

Design Transfer Process & Design for Manufacturing

Our collaborative, solution-oriented and value-add approach helps us build long-term relationships.

We are able to work from customer-generated designs or provide our own. And with years of experience in design-for-manufacturing (DFM), we can suggest and implement manufacturing improvements that will reduce costs, reduce complexity and improve quality. It all stems from our Design Transfer Process: we work methodically with our clients to translate their vision into a cost-effective, efficiently-manufacturable product.

Product Manufacturing and Assembly

We offer a wide array of manufacturing capabilities and processes in a variety of materials and formats.

We can also source or manufacture components, assemble and test final products. Our quality control systems and SOP’s ensure that assembly meets your specifications every time, so that you can be confident in any dock-to-stock or dock-to-assembly line situation.
Manufacturing Capabilities

Supply Chain Management

We have the experience and know-how to reduce supplier management complexity and associated costs. We have a broad network of experienced, high-quality suppliers, and we conduct annual quality reviews.
Supply Chain Capabilities